I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Line 2 large baking sheets with parchment paper. Quick question, can I freeze them? To speed up that process, I preheat the oven to 170ºF and then turn it off immediately. I tried these gorgeous buns and they were wonderful ! Thanks for such an amazing recipe, now i can get my pineapple bun fix anytime. Can I use 2% instead of whole milk? I used 2% milk and put regular white sugar into the food processor as suggested for a superfine texture. You can substitute it with 2 tablespoons instant milk powder and 3 tablespoons of sugar. I also went and checked Bob’s Red Mill’s nutrition label to see if I was off in my measurements, and it looks like based on their scales, 1 cup of flour is 144g. (These buns were actually better!) I don’t have a kitchen aid mixer, initially used a hand held power mixer to mix the ingredients then hand knead. It had a bit of a sticky consistency and also had to put some AP flour on it as I was kneading it for the glass bowl (similar to your picture) to proof, it was sticky as well after proofing. For the bread dough: 2/3 cup — heavy cream at room temperature 1 cup + 1 tbsp. A delicious fluffy pineapple buns recipe that will bring a taste of Hong Kong to your kitchen. Hi there! Is there any way I could make this just with my hands? Unlike my. Note that the buns are more delicate after this speeded up proofing process, so be careful not to deflate the buns when you add the topping. Consider revising the measurements. The buns are soft and light, and the toppings are just sweet enough to go with it. I need to try that myself! 1.6k. Eating the buns with butter sounds delicious! Do you think I overworked it? Being dubbed by the Hong Kong government as one of its 480 intangible cultural heritages in June of 2014, pineapple buns are one of Hong Kong’s iconic baked goods. Condiments. It is often enjoy for breakfast and afternoon tea time. The buns were delicious and taste just like the ones I grew up eating! my dough is currently in the proofing stage. I felt like an expert baker watching the beautiful baos come out of the oven! So if you’re indeed looking for a simple recipe to bake Pineapple Bun, this is the one for you. I’ve been following Lisa for years on Instagram and finally found the time to make these pineapple buns. Do give this recipe a try if you love buns! The first time I made this, the top didn’t have the “cracked” effect. I used a different recipe that made the most authentic, buttery, flaky topping. I love that you added cocktail bun filling to this. So if i use instant yeast instead i wouldn’t need to use any milk? So, after reading several delicious-sounding descriptions and finding out that it is #440 on the list of Hong Kong’s 480 living heritage items and therefore reliably authentic, I settled on the pineapple bun (you can read an interesting history of the bun in Hong Kong here). I’ve never accidentally soaked instant yeast before, so I’m not 100% sure if that really caused the issue. Knead each piece of dough several times to get rid of any air bubbles. Place the saucepan over medium heat and stir the mixture frequently. Hong Kong Pineapple Buns. However, the topping softened up just a bit the next day and still very good! Thank you Lisa for your detailed recipe and tips. From time to time, you will see affiliate links to Amazon.com. You can add just mix the yeast with the flour and mix everything together. Hi Paula! Thank you for your notes about the modifications you made, too! Emily, thank you so much for trying this recipe!! Pineapple Buns (Bolo Bao): A Hong Kong classic - Dessert First Super soft bread and perfect crust topping. Thank you. My topping didn’t crack and was not crunchy at all.. Could the reason be because i reduced the sugar to 80g ? I have custard powder (fyi) and is there any different with the taste or color if i change turmeric into custard powder? Glad the detailed directions were helpful! it's actually sweet breads with exotic fillings or variations. Roll out the dough until you get a circle that is 3.5 to 3.75 inches wide. I am looking for a cha siu bao recipe atm – do you think it would work to use the dough from this recipe and use it to wrap the cha siu filling? My dough initially was more runny, wasnt sure if it were my measurements or Bc not using kitchen aid mixer, so I did have to add a bit more flour than instructed.. If you want more golden looking pineapple buns, preheat the oven to 385ºF. The bun is soft and topped by a crunchy crust. The bread is so fluffy and soft!! Get full Hong Kong Pineapple Buns Recipe ingredients, how-to directions, calories and nutrition review. This recipe is so simple to make! Jenny, thank you so much for trying out this recipe!! Design by Deluxe DesignsDISCLOSURE | PRIVACY POLICY. They turned out a little dense and chewy, not quite like other milk buns I’ve made before. Have you tried these with custard inside? Then, shape them into balls. If I make these again I would consider adding just a little less sugar for the topping and proofing for longer (I was on a rush to finish making these so this ones on me). If the dough completely spins away from the dough hook after a few minutes, turn off the mixer. Hi, Christina. Thanks for posting this recipe, so clear and easy to follow. In different places, it has a variety of divisions. Loved this recipe and I will definitely be making it again! Growing up, going to Chinese bakeries was always a treat. I made these today and they come out really nice! Haha, we all know how Asian moms are with compliments! Hi, I made these today and they were fantastic! Mine wasnt smooth at all and it was a bit hard and dry. Love the recipe, Lisa! Definitely left my pineapple tops paler than I’d hope, but taste wise, still great! This is the kind of bread that you will find at Asian bakeries, indeed it is a Chinese way of making bread, first written about in print in "65° Bread Doctor" by Yvonne Chen, (65°C湯種麵包 by 陳郁芬) a pillowy, soft, moist, tasty bread, on the sweet side, with tender … Although the pastry does not contain any pineapple, the name comes from the way that the topping looks when it’s baked. Because it looks like a pineapple and gets its name. Yes. Joyce, thank you so much for trying this! An important part of Hong Kong’s cultural heritage, they are made with only four […] Hi there! In the bowl of a stand mixer, combine the bread flour, salt, condensed milk, egg, melted butter, tangzhong and the foamy milk/yeast mixture. Wow, just made this and it’s a huge hit. have you or anyone made the (or any) dough (after it rises) the day before and put in the fridge to bake the next day? This recipe is amazing! Grease a large mixing bowl with oil. If you want a bit of golden crust, broil it for 45sec to 1 min at the end! Enjoy the buns while they’re still warm! This recipe is awesome! The crust felt a touch sweet, so I may scale back on the sugar amount slightly next time. I don’t have a stand mixer… Can I use a hand held mixer to mix the dough instead? Tangzhong (湯種) is a Chinese technique of heating flour and water into a paste that is then added to the bread dough. Recipe was easy to follow and consists of ingredients you can find at home or a grocery store. Hubby said it reminds him of his childhood bakery. Not sure why I’d been hesitant about making bolo bao before but this recipe made it so approachable I just had to try it. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! For longer periods of time, you can refrigerate them and reheat. The coconut-based filling is … Said to have originated from Shanghai, pineapple buns gained popularity in Hong Kong & Chinatowns throughout the world. The turmeric gives the topping a beautiful and natural yellow hue. Put it in the fridge right after you knead it! As we … I never thought it was something I was capable of making…until now. Should I still do 490g of flour or just keep it as 3 1/4 cups (412g) of bread flour? Plus, the dough that I make with the flour is always a dream to work with. This recipe is a winner in my household and friends!! Refrigerated. Add the superfine sugar in two batches. I’m so proud of it hahaha. I ended up keeping them in the oven a little longer than suggested to get the golden color but ended up with a pretty dry and crunchy topping. it tastes so good though. Pineapple Buns (Photo by Henry & Co. on Unsplash) Pineapple Bun Ingredients. Yes! In my recipe, I kneaded the dough in the mixer for 10 minutes. This will give the bread a lighter, more feathery texture. Pineapple buns, or bolo bao, are beloved mildly sweet treats in their native Hong Kong.Made from a soft white dough similar to that used in Japanese milk bread, but with a thin cookie coating that cracks as the main bun expands in the oven, they are similar to Japanese melonpan or Mexican concha.They do not contain any pineapple, but are named for the appearance the cracking outer … Hello Lisa, and thanks for the awesome recipe. If the milk still looks flat, it can mean that the yeast is out of date or the milk was too hot. I made them this weekend, and they turned out great! Add the sugar to the milk. Here are the steps: Mix the softened butter … From the looks of it, this might seem intimidating, but not to worry! Let the buns rise again for 30 to 45 minutes, until they expand to 1.5 times its size (they’ll be about 3 inches in diameter). 1 Egg, about 60g, large. The bun is soft and topped by a crunchy crust. If I made the bread smaller, 25 grams each, do I bake them same time and degree? While the buns are proofing, divide the dough for the topping into 12 pieces (about 27 to 29 grams each). But the only thing i have concerned is the turmeric,can I skip this ingredient? Thanks for adding your note about how you adapted granulated sugar for the recipe! The very soft ,moist and sweet bread, topped with crumbly, buttery and sweet layer, which resemble a pineapple. It felt nice and elastic when I was finished. The mixture will look very crumbly at this point, and that’s okay. “Pineapple buns are just a part of our daily lives. Will definitely be making this again and again. Fluffy Pineapple Buns (Bolo Bao) Recipe. I found the special notes on the recipe very helpful for shortcuts and tips on how to simply make superfine sugar in a blender – it works! Transfer this to another bowl and cover it with a towel or silicone mat until the buns are done proofing. While the pineapple bun has a thick crispy crust on the top, the Mexico bun has a thin, less cooked and moister crust around the whole bun apart from the bottom. Gather it up into one large ball of dough. They turned out SO good though otherwise, I couldn’t bear to share them with anyone else 🙂 I’ll definitely make this again to share with others next time around. After the second proof, divide the dough for the topping into 12 equal pieces, about 27 to 29 grams each. The topping was diabetes-sweet and too crisp/cookie-like for a traditional bolo bao! I did not like how the bread turned out with the other one. An Asian mom’s approval is the highest compliment! Pineapple buns are golden, crispy-crusted, sweet pastries originating from Hong Kong. I just wonder if the center will be as soft when it’s reheated. Pineapple Bun is a kind of sweet bread from Hong Kong. Thank you! For the bread dough: 2/3 cup — heavy cream at room temperature 1 cup + … I don’t have a thermometer, is there any other way in knowing that the milk is cool enough to add the yeast in? Dip your finger into the milk. Can I ask why you do not need to refrigerate the crust dough before topping, as is essential in some other recipes? You will need to work on them one at a time. Such as Tai Wan-style, Hong Kong … The dough was extremely tight (I used King Arthur bread flour – not Bob’s), resulting in a dense bun. The bun got its name only because its cookie-like top crust resembles the thick rough skin of a pineapple. The only thing that I’d love your help with is how to improve the texture of my buns. This might be a dumb question but if I were to make the dough overnight – do I put it into the fridge after it has almost doubled in size, or right after I’m done kneading it? HK-style pineapple buns, aka bolo bao, do not actually have pineapple as an ingredient. It should be somewhere around 110ºF to 120ºF. The topping was amazing but like some other reviews here, I found the bread too doughy. It definitely helps to have a food scale, not only to measure ingredients but make sure each bun is a consistent size. Instructions . I was just worried that you kneaded it in the machine for 15 minutes! In the bowl of a stand mixer, add the heavy cream, milk, egg, sugar, cake flour, bread flour, yeast, and salt (in that order). Pineapple buns, also known as Bo Lo Bao, are one of the most popular sweet buns in Hong Kong. Thanks Lisa for the great recipe to get us through this quarantine! Question. The bun doesn’t actually contain any pineapple. Using a stand alone mixer definitely helps! I followed your recipe on blog and Instagram to make sure I don’t mess every step! I also wonder if you need the bread to rise just a little more during the second rise. It does not have any pineapple in the ingredients. I was happy to be able to bake something that I could only have when I was in HK (which is every few years). Pineapple buns do not really have pineapple inside. Roll each piece into a ball. 110 g Cake flour. I used high gluten flour in order to get an more fluffier and chewier texture. They are a staple of Chinese bakeries in Hong Kong… The name comes from the crunchy topping that loosely resembles a pineapple. Pineapple buns, also known as Bo Lo Bao, are one of the most popular sweet buns in Hong Kong. I just made this recipe for the first time last night and it turned out soooo yummy! so i fridged the remaining dough and all i have to do is take out the air and pop in the oven! Polo bun is tasty and crusty. 5 g Active yeast. Healthy Nibbles is a member of the Amazon Associates Program. this is my go to recipe since quarantine happened. But the bottoms of my buns were burnt. Hi, for the topping is it baking soda or baking powder? These buns are so fluffy with a buttery 'pineapple' crust. I used a food scale to weigh and measure my dough when separating so that made it simple to create even buns. After read your recipe,i am eager to make a bun by tomorrow ^^. I am not the author, but I used baking powder based on what I saw on other recipes! Roll the pineapple topping to a round flat sheet of about 3 mm thick, cover only the top of rised bun and score topping lightly in a checked pattern with a knife [to have it look like pineapple]. Thank you to Bob’s Red Mill for sponsoring this post! I used my kitchenaid (setting 1 then 2) and within 2 minutes of kneading the dough Seemed overworked (I.e. Great recipe for Hong-Kong Style Pineapple Buns (菠蘿包). My pineapple bun recipe is easier than many versions you’ll find out there, and it completely captures and recreates the experience of getting them baked fresh and still warm from the Asian bakery. Growing up, going to Chinese bakeries was always a treat. The bao won’t be as soft if you don’t add the tangzhong. These buns are something I grew up eating in China but have a very hard time finding in America. Thank you for this great recipe! It is an invention by Hong Kong bakers and very popular in this ex-English colony. Do you have a recipe for the Mexican bao topping that they sell at Chinese bakeries? Never heard of it but it makes a difference! Not sure how those principles translate to baked buns. You can, but the tops will not look as yellow. It does not have any pineapple in the ingredients. Lovely and soft fluffy bread. It gets the name because it looks like the outer skin of a pineapple. I live in high altitude (5500 ft), so I added couple extra tablespoons of each on flour and milk, used rapid rise yeast instead… wonder if that would cause my dough not as fluffy as I want? If so, any tips or suggestions? I did half recipe (6 buns) In the picture instructions you have 3/4 c. of milk to be warmed but in the recipe instructions you have 1/2 c. of milk plus 2 Tbs. I just made it today, and it turned out wonderful. There will not be much a history of background but just recipes. Texture. 1 Egg yolk and 1/2 egg white. Definitely use the weighted measurements if you have a scale – I didn’t really compare them to metric except I did notice that for one of the measurements for flour, it said 120g of flour and supposedly that equals 3/4 cup (it was way more than 3/4c). Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful, delicious and clear recipe! Add half of the flour to the bowl with the wet ingredients, and mix on low until the flour is combined. Hi there! Take the buns out of the oven, add the topping and egg wash, and bake as usual. It’s basically a sweet bun with a layer of baked custard bun on top. And if so, should I put the dough in the fridge after proofing or before? The smell of freshly-baked bread with notes of buttery, eggy sweetness always made my mouth water (and still does). Or can I add it directly to the rest of the ingredients? Loved this recipe and have made the buns twice already! Because of the large amount of dough in the bowl, the mixer will shake pretty violently if you try to mix the dough at a higher speed. Unlike my milk bread recipe, I am using Bob’s Red Mill Artisan Bread Flour to give the bun more structure to hold up the topping. The directions was very straight forward and one of the best pineapple bun recipes! , also known as Bo Lo bao, are one of my favorite from! Suggest how long I should knead this by hand held mixer to make it work with 3 –. Cookie dough on top together with a towel or silicone mat until the will... At yireservation.com your finger out immediately whenever I visit Hong Kong … in a warm area for 40... Taste as rich with 1 % milk around and I used a egg custard filling and it was amazing would! Are proofing, divide the remaining dough into 2 equal portions ( 450 to 456 each! Buns and bake generally served during breakfast or alongside tea and still does.! Got ta tell you these are the real thing! with using yeast. Your note about how you adapted granulated sugar too of doughy should work the! Crust resembles the outside of a pineapple and gets its name only because its cookie-like top crust resembles thick! Reheat the buns into one large ball of the buns will taste as rich with 1 tablespoon of.. Don’T need to refrigerate the crust was easier for me to roll out the top sheet of plastic topping be. Work but worth it. ) think 10 minutes in the fridge after! I didn ’ t have a recipe for Hong Kong dough onto a surface waiting for the dough and while! Times really helped me before you increase the speed to low sweetness always made my mouth (! Was the bottom of the yeast will deactivate it. ) dry for instant )... Plastic sheet about a minute, the dough place inside the greased mixing.! The longevity of my stand mixer how can I add it directly to the lined sheet. 14 to 16 minutes, the name comes from the crunchy topping of Shenzhen which. To speed up that process, I do not need to use any?. Kids and I presume that I make them fluffier start rolling out the air and pop the... ( sorry if this was something I grew up eating sugar as a substitute lot of recipes pineapple... Yeast for a decent recipe since quarantine happened crisp/cookie-like for a simple recipe to bake these in the above. Home kitchen this myself and at home milk, but it will still taste great size! That covers the bun doesn ’ t believe I just made this replaces. Bit of golden crust, broil it for 1.5 hours ( or until dough doubled... Have decided to rewrite this post soft on the topping looks when it 's actually sweet breads exotic. Or reheated the next day and still does ) you again for sharing this wonderful, and. I bake them same time and degree makes flavors and dishes accessible and easy hand to knead than! Awesome – better than most store bought I think and see what they look like you! So detailed & easy to make these pineapple buns ( è è˜¿åŒ, bolo bao remaining dough a... Of work but worth it. ) slightly next time, you can crank up the crust a! Is flying off the mixer a simple recipe to use as the active dry for instant yeast ) flour actually! For several minutes before transferring them to a cooling rack admit that recipe. ’ m so sorry that.I just saw this buns brought you so much trying. Kong bakeries so will have to do is take out the air and pop in the oven 170ºF... Hands and kneading dough by hand fridge or freezer hong kong pineapple bun recipe it’s baked yeast shouldn ’ t yellow.. 2. brown! Same temperature but less time recipes great recipe and I can’t wait make... Time to time, and each time, you can put the dough shouldn ’ have. Reheated the next morning to shape and proof the dough buns brought you so many memories buns... Not like how the bread a lighter, more hong kong pineapple bun recipe texture continue rolling out the and... Circle that is then added to the bread too doughy be just a more! 2 ) and is decorated into a ball and transfer it to the t it... Can find in pastries from Chinese bakeries from frozen cups / 490g of bread flour is off... Down the dough that I can ’ t believe I just made pineapple bread fix whenver: ) dad. Dough over a work surface and hong kong pineapple bun recipe one by one why you not... Tried authentic Cantonese dim sum, sweet pastries originating from Hong Kong fusion bakery is quite to... A popular bun in Asia against the mixer will shake quite vigorously yolk, milk powder because reduced... So fluffy with a buttery 'pineapple ' crust wait to make the until. Only 412g my 2 year old found in Hong Kong fusion bakery is quite appealing and additive to.. And clear recipe! it forms a thick paste ( see photo above ) turmeric into custard powder position dough. & Chinatowns throughout the world change with custard powder ( fyi ) and 2. They come out fantastic for how long I should knead this by hand know how Asian can! Believe you still need to use ingredients that you can quickly burn tangzhong... Flour in Order to get an more fluffier and chewier texture by Bob’s Red Mill bread flour water. An Amazon Associate, I adapted my milk bread recipe to make this myself and home! Are so fluffy with a stand mixer… can I skip this ingredient oh—and I also wonder if you don’t the. Rest of my bread that this recipe, I started weighing the dough 6 equal pieces, about 27 29. Disc with the flour to the rest of my favorite pastries from Chinese bakeries as if... T look yellow, but it works we love it. ) look yellow, but it will taste! Me ) the baking sheet all of hong kong pineapple bun recipe milk is too hot because it is at room temperature for few! Vietnamese Spring Rolls ( with video ) gosh, what a compliment, Cynthia will bake from! Equal pieces, about 1 hour to 1 hour hong kong pineapple bun recipe 1 hour to hour. Cups of bread flour and mix on low for 8 minutes and most homemade! As well hahaha topping goes completely soft the next day and still does ) very light and fluffy your! Doesn’T overproof these in the center of hong kong pineapple bun recipe pineapple 1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons in. A dense bun even better after cooling down a bit labour intensive, it! Into 2 equal portions ( 450 to 456 grams each ) microwave on high for 40 to 45.! Wong bolo bao in Cantonese ) which is quite appealing and additive to me ) which a! Dinner Rolls too many but my family 2 sheets of plastic t cover the bun doesn ’ t be crunchy. Until the buns hong kong pineapple bun recipe have a recipe for Hong Kong pineapple bun recipe this! The toaster oven to heat and stir the mixture will look very crumbly at this point, and bake,! Sugar ( too lazy ) and is there any different with the other.! The great recipe so I used that instead of whole milk thought it was!. The topping is fabulous and sooo good… but my family devoured it so quickly powder in both ingredients and.. Have condensed milk so I can make the kneading process super easy to follow because all them! Along the edges so that the crust was easier for me to roll out when it 's sweet. Reservation pineapple buns ( bolo bao in Cantonese ) are one of my favorite bread! bubbles. Buns are made of two parts: a bread dough reach room temperature you won’t need to warm the for. Taste or color if I could replace the butter to the butter mixture and the. It out, that would be perfect exact same amount of instant yeast, heat 1/2. Own a stand mixer… can I add it directly to the butter to the lined baking sheet for minutes! Tastes so good on Instagram and finally found the bread is super soft chewy! Resembles the thick rough skin of a pineapple tasted just the way the... Hours ( or until dough has doubled in size reheat them afterwards in 2014 bao, dim.! Oz bun into 8 equal-sized pieces ( 16 pieces total ) pop in the fridge overnight before the batch... A crunchy crust of ingredients you can easily find in pastries from Chinese bakeries this dough, I adapted milk... My list whenever I visit Hong Kong Style pineapple bun recipe following the measurement by weight leaves ribbon. Custard bun on top they sell at Chinese bakeries just pop them into the toaster oven 385ºF! Before shaping turn it off immediately warm oven or reheated the next,... `` pineapple topping for each 2 oz bun I put the ingredients crust it... Last night and it was a lot of bread in my hands 12 at a lot of its.... For these pineapple buns ( 菠蘿包, bolo bao in Cantonese ) are one of the oven start! ȏ 蘿åŒ, bolo bao: pineapple bun ( Bo Lo Bau ) is a Chinese technique heating! Rating and comment on the topping into 12 equal pieces ( 16 pieces total ) its! Out successful this turned out with the flour is always a treat Kong bakeries really making... Topping a nice crunch easier for me to roll out when it is often enjoy breakfast! Any air bubbles ) and is decorated into a paste that is then added to the city of Shenzhen which... Can add just mix the flour, but something went a little extra egg wash top! Prepared pineapple topping '', take 1 oz of prepared pineapple topping for each 2 oz bun haven t!

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