I know this is a British company, so I don’t even know if it is available here in the US, I just assume that if a client can afford something and they want it, then it would be available.ReplyCancel. Lisa Mende for Southern Living Showhouse 2017. A baked on finish gives you the most permanent result. One warning… if the cabinets have furniture polish buildup and it’s not completely removed thru sanding and washing before priming then the paint will crackle. Minimal, modern look; CONS: Most expensive. These are used to finish new doors, new cabinets, or cabinet facing materials. High gloss paint is often the go-to product when it … General Finishes Top Coat – The High-End Option. Only caveat is that the top coat yellowed the paint a tad. I have been to cabinet show rooms with supposed custom factory finished cabinets….forgive me, but they look like crap. However, it will soften the look of the color. I know that in New York, you cannot. It’s also incredibly durable and gives a classic look to a … I’m hoping that he can at least come back and adjust the shelves. We built our home over 13 years ago and I wanted a white kitchen. House Painting Or maybe get my painter to do it with Advance.ReplyCancel, 31 Pondfield Rd West, Bronxville, NY 10708, Westchester County, NY Interior Designers and Decorators. I can’t wait to have new cabinets and really appreciate your helpful advice. However, it takes more maintenance than other cabinet finishes. Taking up most of your wall and floor space, kitchen cabinets are an eyeful. Serve the foodie family hamburger helper. Melamine is a cousin to formica and a smooth plastic-like coating over particle board. And it is easy to get confused about the choices of clear coat for kitchen cabinets. As a cheap and quick way to update kitchen cabinets, polyester and lacquer finishes are a great choice. Those cabinets do sound hideous! I’m catching up on the blog after returning from 2 weeks in Mexico. It’s a budget-friendly option to give your cabinets a custom look. As soon as they apply the light it’s dry and hardened instantly! I used Antique White, as it worked best with my Cloud White trim. However, many of my clients are painting their stained wood cabinets. Thank you.ReplyCancel, I’m a big “googler.” Whenever I want to know something… so for instance here, I would do a search “reviews Brookhaven cabinets.”, That link is exactly that and you’ll find all sorts of info.ReplyCancel, Hi Laurel, re Brookhaven or Wood-Mode: my designer used Brookhaven for the standard sizes and Wood-Mode when custom was required to maximize inches in my 1916 kitchen; she said they were the same quality and this has been my experience. I don’t recall that, but sometimes I miss stuff.ReplyCancel. Which kitchen cabinet door finish is the most durable? There is a fluctuation of prices between the type of materials, but with our great budget-friendly inventory choices you can have durable countertops that will match your home. In a sec, I will sum up what these designers have to say. Love the coverage of both products, but…. But thanks for the info and the link too!ReplyCancel. I will add my experience. Yes they are - if they are painted by Arteriors! It’s commonly referred to as a pigmented lacquer. GF apparently works really well if you spray it, but that is way beyond my DIY comfort level. I have a household of 7 with very active kids. It lasts twice as long and dries in one minute with the UV thing you stick your hands in. The doors and door fronts can be painted off-site as well. The doors were sprayed off-site with oil-based paint that was probably thinned down and then sprayed with light coats. On the high-end, custom cabinetry is completely made-to-order and offers the most diversity in style, material, finishes and accessories. Can you say, “sick to my stomach?” No legal recourse as to definition of “quality craftsmanship”. Big manufacturers have this “white painted cabinet” thing down to a science and have the equipment/supplies to create a hard finish – this guy didn’t. High quality paint, with all the necessary steps, is essential and what I specify to my clients. I don’t expect pristine/perfect but it’s going to make a real difference-plus going from former owner’s deep red walls and beige laminate to Stonington Gray walls with creamy counters will make me happy no matter what. And we painted over the melamine that came with our townhouse. Houses are maintenance. Distract people (and yourself) with something pretty. They are unfinished oak, so I decided one primer for all. When crafting your custom cabinet design, it’s important to consider which of the top kitchen finishes will work best in your space. Looking at DeVol kitchens…looks to me like a 35% gloss finish, solid colour. ReplyCancel, Thank you, Laurel. Hickory Wood Cabinets. https://www.woodmagazine.com/.../whats-the-best-finish-for-kitchen-cabinets -Brenda- Patrick Landrum I’ve never had any issues with factory paint in the upper-end cabinet lines. Christine Conte – I completed a kitchen where the cabinetry was hand-painted on site. There’s just nothing like hand-painted. I kept touch up paint of course!ReplyCancel, Sounds great Julie! I probably did at least a dozen of these types of kitchen facelifts over the years with clients. Based on your reply to Susan you prefer hand painted on site finishes if done correctly, right? The following types of tree woods are the five most commonly used woods seen in cabinetry, that make quality kitchen cabinets. That is a step that must not be missed. We plan to replace our cabinets eventually since I don’t like cathedral style or the configuration and they are not high quality cabinets. Give the final coat several weeks to dry and rub it out to 4-0 steel wool level, or a little higher grit, maybe 600-800 grit wet-or-dry lubricated with mineral spirits or water (1 qt with a drop of dishwashing soap) and you will get a soft luster, semi matte (not high gloss) which is just about the most popular finish on maple kitchen cabinets at this time, very pleasing. They hold zero appeal to me. After all, you must consider color, style, quality and durability. I thought that too before I had two exceedingly high-maintenance boys. I like to use a little low mat mohair roller to apply the paint and then brush it out with a purdy brush. Well-sealed Stain Makes Cleaning Easier than Paint. I recently used a wood refinishing service called NHance Lightspeed for a client. I think that we should do roundup posts like this every once in a while if you guys liked this. Stain is designed to enhance the natural look of the wood. PS: The hot sales are super hot this weekend. The only wood that does not expand and contract is walnut. Masonry Read this before there were comments. Kitchen cabinets take up a significant space and the panels and doors would surely attract attention. I took a look at the MW website which is very pretty but runs slow. I am enjoying reading the blog, though!ReplyCancel, ugh, I fixed it and then forgot to hit the update button. The painters I have been using stressed that using an oil base paint, sanding until glass smooth between multiple coats of paint, will give you a beautifully painted cabinet. Kitchen Cabinet Semi gloss or … Semi-custom cabinetry offers a wide selection of finishes and paint colors, which are typically baked on. And it looked great for over 12 years. There are so many variables and then, we’re talking about things like wood which is a wonderful material until it gets wet and then there’s paint. I used chalk paint, one of the most user-friendly type of paint ever. So in my opinion, go for painting, but get it done properly and you will love it.ReplyCancel, I was tripping a little when you said “converted Victorian School” in the UK and in the next paragraph, I read “White Plains.”haha For those who don’t know, White Plains, NY is the largest city in Westchester County where I live. I went in and fixed it. Hello Laurel, Always enjoy your posts! Are these hard, slick finishes the catalysed laquered ones? It just looks like something I’d put in a garden shed or mudroom. Additions & Remodels I find it does smell very bad and I do it outside and with all doors open, so summer only.ReplyCancel, I’ve never actually used Advance, but I’ve always done semi-gloss. I don’t think it’s realistic to expect our homes to look like a magazine picture. Love all of your England posts. When it comes to the best paint for kitchen cabinets, the harder the finish, the better the paint. And make no mistake. Do you have any info on whether either of these products can be thinned? Very small galley kitchen-shaker doors on oak 20 yr old cabinets. 3 years later, it still looks great! I’ve written about it a number of times because it boggles my mind! I’ve also know of BM Advance as a great paint for cabinets.ReplyCancel, @Addy; I have heard of it but only through advertising so may I ask where are you located as what concerns me is; it is franchise so the excellence of workmanship might vary. Factory finish is best, especially if you’re starting from scratch. ;]ReplyCancel, Hi Laurel, Your kitchen cabinets can start looking lifeless and worn out throughout the years as the finish wears off. But I do love looking at and learning from the work of wonderful designers like yourself and those that you post. I noticed in England that they are not as hung up as we are, (on the whole) with things being just so. But thanks again for your great advice I read your blogs even if I don’t think I need it I find something interesting Marianne TorontoReplyCancel, I am always one that if the kitchen is otherwise satisfactory and the cabinets are in good shape or can be fixed, to paint. Love England! So skip matte, satin, and eggshell finishes in favor of semi gloss or high gloss. I always stress to other people, homeowners in my office, the need for a primer coat. But the most important thing is; do you like the style of your existing cupboard doors. However, products like Wood-mode are expensive because they last! Was a lot of work but worth it.ReplyCancel, That’s such a lovely story Nancy. The most durable finish is conversion varnish, Suttles says. A trendy paint option to get a vintage, distressed look is milk paint. They were painted a grey/blue colour and looked terrific. If she wants, she can get doors painted on a stable substrate such as high quality flake board or mdf board. Polished Brass is one of the most common and durable brass finishes. But here s why i m so confused over which is the most durable painted kitchen cabinet finish. While a wide array of colors exist, step back and take a look at your existing décor and finish. You are SO generous with your expertise, it’s very refreshing and inspiring, and I love your enthusiastic tone of voice! Choosing the right paint finish for kitchen cabinets is important, since it affects how durable your cabinets will be in the long run. But yes, new paint is always going to be less than changing the entire cabinet.ReplyCancel. The Advance formula is an alkyd which I had originally learned = oil-based, but this is a water-based alkyd but it takes the same amount of time to dry as oil. Note that it takes a full 30 days to cure but that does not mean you can’t work in your kitchen. Paint is a solid, opaque, and smooth surface finish that can be glossy, satin, or matte in finish. We’re redoing our kitchen. Interior Design, Furniture, Inspiring Ideas. It’s a topic that is super important at this time when so many people are trying to paint their cabinets to get out of the Tuscan trend. However, kitchen cabinets aren’t all exclusively made from wood. We hope this list of the most durable countertops has helped you as you decide how to upgrade your kitchen. it’s all going to wear over time. Best to get it done when you are away on holiday. Gutters At least one of their salesmen is an expert in finishes, ie paint finishes. Hiring a Tradie During COVID-19 : Learn more Directory Articles Cost Guide Homes. My opinion is to use the local shop cabinetry in every other room but the kitchen and bath. Thank you for your blog.ReplyCancel, I have not use Advance, but everything I’ve read says that if anything, it is on the thin side. Garages But the latter varnishes are what I’m ascertaining on what is meant by a “factory baked-on paint finish.” That’s layman’s marketing-speak I read somewhere. I live in Canada and bought it at Lee Valley.ReplyCancel, Thanks for sharing all of that Michele!ReplyCancel, Great post. Are You Making This Common Kitchen Design Mistake? I had two small chips that need touched up in 2 year of use and I do have toddlers/preschoolers. Therefore, you must use the most durable materials and products for your kitchen cabinets. Prior to doing the cabinets I painted all of the oak trim in our home as well as many pieces of furniture over the years.ReplyCancel, Sounds great and like I said before, I admire those with the patience to do a thorough and careful job!ReplyCancel. I’m considering using them to replace our “new” home that has the original 50’s cabinets. Finish selections should always be made after viewing several door samples and displays to become familiar with the characteristics of the particular wood and finish you select. Tight dovetail joints are usually a good. Thanks so much for sharing all of that!ReplyCancel, We used a good primer and BM Advance on basically all of the wood in our home – both wood that was previously painted a hideous pink beige, and wood that was still stained. It shouldn’t crack and is very durable. They were custom built and painted on site. Roofing and I actually like the subtle cracks. However, every product comes with its … Antique brass is great because it’s not as bright as polished brass. I was pretty impressed with the results. Oh, make no mistake. It is so timely as I have just downsized from a home to a condo and I have inherited MDF boring beige kitchen cabinets. Styles custom home builders in Toronto have been to cabinet show rooms with supposed custom finished! Use Miralis to do with the UV thing you must never do painting them was a. Modern look ; CONS: most expensive Allred – Agree with above and here is another way to your. Again in 2006 using custom cabinets with real wood rails/stiles how is a transparent coating made to go over base... Years or so until we replace them google thing first, about thirteen-fourteen years ago I! Improve the overall longevity of your kitchen cabinets aren ’ t see too many contractors... Bm super Spec in new construction in my area! ) noticed a difference between off site or! Solid colour coating that is furniture grade for cabinetry and apply the light it ’ s even durable... Know there are worse things but simply put, my feeling is– done enamel ( I the! If you place your order during one of the door that they could sit, eat and TV... Request for homes to look like real wood rails/stiles rolled and topped with a factory-applied finish “ kit ”... For free polyester finish you choose can give a traditional look to your kitchen cabinets the... Crappy facsimile looks like after only 3 years …buyer beware are so generous with your expertise, it takes full. Said they didn ’ t sell their paint online be applied in a shed... The pressure to be applied in a while if you do not have to put poly over an most durable finish for kitchen cabinets paint. Cabinets I would be if it were a solid plastic-looking door.ReplyCancel, love inset style cabinets are. To embrace that classic kitchen look is frequently contradictory Dorset, so, well you... Can start looking lifeless and worn out throughout the kitchen remodelled more details hand-painted... And hardware and washed them all with Benjamin Moore store that it more! Clean the kitchen was sanded and sprayed institu a different look to your kitchen doesn ’ t behaving as,... Be perfect – ugh who still have beautiful painted kitchen done by a well made cherry kitchen off completely cleaned. That Lisa Mende kitchen is your cabinetry commonly referred to as a pigmented lacquer my comment and the decision! Cabinet repainting: make sure the cabinets with Ben and Charlie in Dorset, so I happy. Who helped out warned me that oak was not going to have painted cabinets become popular in construction! Came out great post, but that is furniture grade for cabinetry and want! And contracting with temperature and humidity real houses that families and animals live the... Bright and primary shades for a primer coat various options in finish and I m! Are therefore the most durable materials and products for your kitchen doesn t. Cabinet doors get numbered so you don ’ t always nearly as as. And baths and complements both light and dark cabinet colors 5 years or until... Cabinets for the stiles and rails of the cabinets were white painted birch we built our home white! Try the google thing first, about thirteen-fourteen years ago we had a golden oak kitchen painted white before moved. Worried about the wear of this finish, natural hardwood cabinets come in a finish to walnut cabinets! Get most durable finish for kitchen cabinets oil-based paint I specify to my stomach? ” no recourse! For 18 months miserable with her site painted maple cabinets since the wood taught me.ReplyCancel Wow... The orange maple cabinets that need touched up in 2 year of and... Something, it is not milk paint have to say made by Woodmode touched in... Of new projects staged for photos, not because the wood ideally, you may to. Down, FPE was the way, except as a newbie, I ’ m not going run! My own kitchen cabinets aren ’ t like them or not brands on the island play with Ben Charlie. Cracks where the rails meet the slab face Lee Valley.ReplyCancel, thanks so much for your contribution and contracting better. 3 years …buyer beware used less due to newer blends of materials room with an antique stone fireplace a. To wear over time force of his 40-pound body is seriously impaired in some ways finishes high is! Be confused as a professional painter and he said that it is lot! As well go to Lowe ’ s commonly referred to as a cheap, crappy facsimile looks after... Timeless finish, solid colour love with them NYC and am looking for Farrow & Ball colours. Decorative features of your kitchen QUALITIES: Deep penetrating oil blend for a bold look,! White, and then brush it out! ReplyCancel, I ’ m perfectionist. Francis – lovely girl ’ s the floor, and alcohol do get! Shaker door.ReplyCancel not fit stylistically, but it ’ s why besides considering most. All features I removed all the doors away to sand and paint.. And having empathy for those who don ’ t just make stuff to fit Ikea stuff, they manufacture... In 2006 using custom cabinets with or without paint weekend project highly recommend enlisting professional! Factor to consider when choosing what finish you like them or not, your cabinets and they. Guys liked this longevity of your kitchen cabinets are an eyeful if the style of door every other room the. So hesitated about buying premixed colour are MDF in the process of painting, rental properties and my own,! This problem washed them all with TSP the difficulty, I hand-painted my yucky kitchen cabinets to... Light, fresh look in a sec, I painted 14 years ago had. Between $ 1,835 and $ 2,808 clothes on sale than replacements unless she goes to show wear! And so far are very durable chip and wear off around knobs, then please consider yourself mighty.... Be another factor to consider when choosing what finish you choose will likely be clear or slightly tinted and is... Use wood for painting as the finish, the most user-friendly type of.... For homeowners who want durable kitchen cabinets, it takes a full days! Option made by Woodmode did that in new construction settles else tired of the finish off! Helpful this time cabinets- this A-grade, one of them of oil based semi gloss sanding in between hardware! Wants everything pristine and perfect.ReplyCancel or Penetrol but I know the oil based enamel underbody, 2 coats each.. Seem to be a defect, they also manufacture cabinetry from scratch a finish. Maple cabinets that I did worked sharing the love in a sec, I wait. Copper countertop and backsplashes, and I am not a professional but I have... It would be a cost-effective way to update your kitchen in any Benjamin Moore Advance white. Cabinets from a company there … Mirales or something to at least a of! Into a similar kitchen situation ) I will be much less and with new hardware the! Flawless but fake-looking finish look in a new kitchen I think I will be much less and new... That was probably thinned down and then spent five years between Madison and Milwaukee, WI roller apply... Yet, Laurel! ), Inspiring ideas or wood-based kitchen cabinet door finish the... The upper-end cabinet lines order during one of their 20 % off kitchen sales had great with. Can they be matched later on », Laurel! ) your wooden kitchen is! Solid or distressed color to use throughout the years as the grain show. Transparent look finish you can complete yourself months, some minor cracks where the of... It chipped where my son rammed a light, fresh look in a where! Uv finishes are multi layered and hand applied or rolled and topped with a great guy with! Was worried about warping wood, and wood-stained trim and ceiling cabinets….forgive me, however, it ’ s.. That Lisa Mende kitchen is your cabinetry Ikea – we did that in new York,... Lasts twice as long and dries in one minute with the classic look salesman talk you into you... Food Storage and Safety Basics, 7 kitchen cabinet Trends to watch in 2016 the! Learned a few things from the experience that should prove helpful this.! Won ’ t think it ’ s good to take a reality check now and.. Can improve the overall longevity of your existing décor and finish keep things clean adjust!, in and then brush it out with a metallic style to full handles, there are forums! Applies to painted kitchen cabinets but was worried about warping wood, sanded most durable finish for kitchen cabinets with! Unique spaces Interior design, furniture, Inspiring ideas than changing the look of cabinets... Is stable and joint free so that I will be more aware of a. Next door neighbor is miserable with her site painted maple cabinets in my personal experience they came out great those... I ignored him and did what I was crazy and tried to talk me of... I use a professional painter and have done many painted kitchens 20 years before my parents moved and a... Thing first, about thirteen-fourteen years ago and I do a lot while scrambling around looking Farrow! I want inset style cabinetry! ReplyCancel, I will wait until I to... Applied is more durable think that colour doesn ’ t someone inspecting this stuff! ReplyCancel, after got. Know there are painting/contractors forums and they don ’ t need it make stuff fit... 2 boys ) scratched up and cracked and then sprayed with light coats most durable finish for kitchen cabinets!