JAKIM is the authorized government agency entrusted by the Malaysian Government to certify Halal products and issue Halal certificate to any manufacturer requiring HALAL certification. 2. : CRC.PL.6822.12489.170004.US Page: 1 of 4 November 13, 2017 CRC Industries Americas Group 885 Louis Drive Warminster, PA 18974-2869 To Whom It May Concern: This is to certify that CRC Industries Americas Group, Warminster, PA, USA markets Halal … Among other sectors, he is actively working on developing marketing aspects of processed food products. u Turkey established certification in 2009 and is set to become the leading exporter of Halal Meat u Pakistan since strengthening its Halal Meat Ecosystem has significantly increased meat exports to OIC markets, from $81 million in 2009, to $219 million in 2014 u Iranis seeking to significantly ramp up its export of Halal … as at february 13th, 2019 . 4. The purpose of a Halal Standard being created (existence) and made available within a halal certification body (H ) is to lay a solid foundation of an individual H written doctrine and principles of judgement in dealing with its day to day halal … the recognised foreign halal certification bodies & authorities . 6751 H1 Machine Oil SAE 40 125765 B59166 HC-20LUBL03 This is to certify that the following product(s) have been produced under the … secreretariat malaysia halal council_jakim_february_2019 page 1 of 60. jabatan kemajuan islam malaysia ( jakim ) department of islamic development malaysia . The applicant must provide a special folder “Halal Certification Certificate “for keeping all relevant documents. Africa region and is the focal point for the halal market at ITC. Carver, Massachusetts 02330 USA . This certificate states that the above company and its product categories and products listed below are certified Halal by Islamic Services of America (ISA) and approved to carry the ISA Halal … secretariat malaysia halal … Decas Cranberry Products Inc. 4 Old Forge Drive . If will be useful when an inspection is … Introduction about RACS HALAL Certification Body to provide Certification: RACS is an accredited HALAL certification … HALAL CERTIFICATION . 21 Copy of expired Halal certification. certification schemes approved by accreditation bodies and scheme owner (ESMA) to ensure their products compliance to the applicable schemes and standards. 44, D-65428 Ruesselsheim, Germany Tel : +49 6142 301 987-0 Fax : +49 6142 301 987-29 Email : info@halalcontrol.de / mtatari@halalcontrol.de Website: www.halalcontrol.eu CP: Mr. Mahmoud Tatari Halal … He has extensively worked with SMEs, halal certification … PDF | Halal certification system is vital for the customers who prefer to consume Halal products. IFANCA HALAL PRODUCT CERTIFICATE Document No. manufacturers) to give a basic understanding of HALAL with the hope of assisting them to comply with the HALAL requirement in their manufacturing operations. Product Name Product Code Halal-ID Product Certificate # 25. Name of Halal Certification Bodies Country Contact & adress Logo Halal Control GmbH Germany Address: Stahlstr.